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How does it work?

  1. Setting up a remote support session: Get in touch with us via our Contact Form or by phone:
    (703) 370-2242  (DC metro area)
    (888) 370-2242  (toll-free).
    We'll work with you right now if we can,
    or else arrange a support appointment
    at a mutually convenient time.
    We will collect some relevant information from you, including:
    • the nature of the problem(s),
    • your version of Windows,
    • and of course your credit card number. How much?

  2. Login areaStarting the session: You'll enter your name in the white box at the top of any page of this Web site. We'll give you a one-time session Support Key to type. Then you'll click on the "Start Session" button.
    From there on it's pretty automatic. Your computer will download a secure program module that enables us to get into your PC and start a session. You will be able to see what we're doing in real time. If you are connecting to the Internet by dialup (phone), we can communicate in a chat window.
  3. During the remote session: You can maintain complete control over the keyboard and mouse. (We will also be able to type and click if you permit us.) You can show us things that don't work right. You can take us to problem areas, ask us questions, even enter password-protected areas securely. We won't see passwords as you type them.
    We'll be able to look around your system as you watch. We can show you shortcuts and techniques you've never considered, and dig deep into the workings of your Windows operating system. We can upload and download files and programs -- again, only with your permission -- and work with you as if we were sitting next to you. We can even reboot the computer and maintain the remote session; that means we can install and uninstall major programs such as Internet security software.
    With a typical broadband connection to the Internet you'll experience little or no time lag. We can hear your speakers and even watch videos with you. What our remote support software can do is truly remarkable!
  4. Ending the session: At the end of the session we'll disconnect cleanly. (You can disconnect us any time you want.) The only traces of the remote session left on your computer will be applications software or program patches which we transfer to you with your permission. Once our remote control software is closed, there is no way for us -- or anyone -- to gain access to your computer without you at the keyboard . . . unless you opt for . . .
  5. Unattended remote access: If you want to grant us unattended remote entry to your computer (which a number of our long-term clients have already done) we can set that up, too -- but only while you're at the computer.
    Unattended remote access enables us to perform routine maintenance and resolve known issues without your having to be present. We can only access your computer in your absence if you allow us to install an additional program module and give us a password. You can revoke our access privileges at any time by uninstalling the software or changing the password.
    This is like giving us a key to your office, and is obviously not for everyone. It is intended primarily for clients with whom we have an enduring, trusted relationship. Several of our clients do trust us with their office keys; others prefer we visit only when they're there!

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